The Storyscope Project

Jennifer Linde, Co-Founder


Jennifer has designed and taught performance studies courses relating to communication and creativity, oral interpretation of literature, performance of sexuality, performance theory, civil communication, and methods for adapting traditional scholarship to the stage. In her position as artistic director of the venue The Empty Space, Linde serves as advisor, script consultant and director to performances presented by faculty, undergraduate and graduate students. She has participated in the design and development of Civil Dialogue, a format designed to foster civil communication when discussing controversial topics. Linde uses Civil Dialogue as a teaching tool in performance studies classes and has facilitated Civil Dialogue events since 2004. Linde is the director of online learning for the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University.

John Genette, Co-Founder


John is a guest lecturer and Research Fellow (Hon.) for the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. With Jennifer Linde and Clark Olson, he co-developed Civil Dialogue and co-founded the nonprofit Institute for Civil Dialogue. He has performed frequently at ASU's Empty Space in original shows as well as The Encyclopedia Show AZ. John is active in the Arizona storytelling community and co-owner of a small business, Black Mountain Communications Inc. He holds an MA in Communication from ASU and a PhD in Wisdom Studies from Ubiquity University.