Making Connections By

Sharing Our Stories

Bringing Communities Together Through Story Circles

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Making Connections By

Sharing Our Stories

Bringing Communities Together Through Story Circles

Citizen artists fostering inclusiveness
through community story circles

Story Circle Events

Two online events in April!

Online Event #1: Sat., April 10, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. MST

The Recovery Communication Project is hosting a virtual Storyscope story circle event on the themes of setbacks, renewal, and habits.


About this Event

Thinking about the tumultuous year that we’ve had, and looking forward to returning to working in person with more widespread vaccination, we would like to take a moment to reflect and share on setbacks, opportunities for renewal, and habits we have formed along the way as we move into new possibilities. Some questions that we might ask ourselves are:

How do we cultivate new habits to overcome setbacks? How might we find renewal within setbacks?

To register, please copy and paste the link below into your browser, or click the "Register Here" button below and we'll send the link to your email address.


Online Event #2: Sat., April 17, 5:00 - 6:30 p.m. MST

Sharing experiences surviving anti-Asian racism during COVID-19.


Voice anti-Asian experiences during COVID-19 through story.

Let's think about Asian America as a coalition.

It's more than just an identity.

See details below. To Register, copy & paste this link into your browser: Or, click on the Register button below and we’ll send a link to your email address.


About this Event

During this past year, as Asian Americans, we have had to live with globally reaching news of anti-Asian hate crimes, and a pervasive invisibility or denial of these crimes' racially motivated undertones. In daily life, we have had to face the uncertainty of budding wariness, aversion, or latent violence toward people perceived as Asian, who are often saddled with the blame for a global pandemic. Whether we have had to personally maneuver around these building dynamics , or worriedly watch loved ones do the same, how might we also think about supporting each other across state lines, generational gaps, and cultural origins?

As Eugene Lee Yang suggests, "If we are going to take back control over our story as Asian Americans, we have to find and share the words that will fill the silence that will no longer define us."

We invite you to join in this Storyscope event, where we share stories in intimately sized groups called story circles. Through hearing each other's stories, how might we think about Asian America as a coalition, rather than (just) an identity, and begin the generative work of coalition building across ethnicities, and the diversity that we house within all of us?

How might we also build a new future, through cultivating allyship across political and identity positionings, within ourselves and across other marginalized populations? How might we also let those in privileged positions better know how they can stand with us?

We invite anyone interested in doing the above to enter an intimate space where we can hear each other, support each other, and develop emergent healing rituals based on the needs that are voiced.

This event is free, but if you'd like to financially support Asian American advocacy, please consider donating to the National Asian Pacific American's Women Forum at or to Asian Americans Advancing Justice at

Facilitator Training Coaching and Workshops

Training workshops are scheduled twice a year. No workshops are scheduled at this time. For individual coaching contact us at | (480) 595-9292


The mission of the Storyscope Project is twofold. We seek to:

  • Foster inclusiveness and cultivate connections and compassion by facilitating story circle events in public and private settings.
  • Extend training to others who are interested in the value of story circles.
Story Scope Project

The Storyscope Way

We engage communities in story circles to share life experiences, practice deep listening, feel a sense of belonging, and embody symmetry, wholeness, and equality.


Participants take turns telling brief personal stories on themes such as Journeys, Change, or Friendship. As we share, our collective story emerges – larger, richer, and more complex. Things we have in common, and real differences, are brought to light.


A story circle is a kaleidoscope of human experience – illuminating and ever-changing, with many dimensions, twists, and turns, each level adding to the whole.


A story circle is not performance, not debate, not therapy (although it can be healing). A story circle is a communal creative experience, using a time-honored, open-source format.


The Storyscope Project is a coalition of community-minded story circle facilitators. Each of us has experienced the power of personal stories through our work as storytellers, teachers, caregivers, ministers, poets, musicians, activists, and citizen artists. We work together to facilitate story circles and train facilitators so all people can express their unique stories, make connections, feel a sense of belonging, and participate in inclusive communities.


Story Scope Project

The Importance of Telling Our Stories

  • Stories come from our experiences and are a way of holding a memory
  • Stories teach us something
  • Stories allow us to share identity and culture with others
  • Stories operate as sites of resistance and change

The Importance of Listening

  • Shift the light onto others, allow people to share their powerful stories
  • We work toward listening to a story rather than hearing it
  • Engage each story through deep listening and minimal responses
  • Listening with focus, intent, and effort